Reflecting on My Works

I think this semester I really grew as a writer, which was one of my goals. I explored different styles of writing, and developed my own voice. I think I used my leadership position effectively, and was taught the importance of follow-through.

I really felt the down-sides to being a leader, however. You have to deal with people who don’t care, and people who are roadblocks to progress.

To those people, I say: get out. Get out of the newsroom if you don’t want to make real change, and use the platform that we are given to tell stories about people, let the world know what you think, and grow as a writer and designer.

Yes, we are high-school students in a high-school publication, but if you really believe this class won’t help you in the future, or move you up in the world that is now so technology driven, you are an idiot.

When I put down that I was Managing Editor of this publication on my resume, and somebody asks me what I did, I will be able to actually answer that question. I will be able to tell them what I’ve done, what I accomplished, and what I took from that experience.

Don’t sit in the newsroom and take it as a joke. In the end, you’re the joke.

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